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leaf-xxlNot the Most Exciting Service We Offer – But Very Important!

Without water, plants die. To keep your yard looking as beautiful as it did the day we finished it, it’s vitally important to implement and maintain the proper irrigation system. With nearly thirty years’ experience, our Irrigation Specialist will carefully inspect your property and provide you with a detailed irrigation plan, best suited to ensure your landscape flourishes. Paradise Landscaping & Nursery understands that irrigation systems in Florida require specialized skills and knowledge to be effective. By regularly attending educational classes and taking the time to research new trends and ideas, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of irrigation technology. Whether you’re implementing a water conservative design or upgrading to a micro-irrigation unit, we have you covered.

Controlling water is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful landscape, and a well-designed irrigation system will provide the assurance that your landscape is kept in good health. Creating a good storm water management system is also very important in the health and maintenance of your landscape.

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